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***購買《夥伴教練心關係The Heart Of Coaching》按此:英文原文版繁體中文版簡體中文版




本書中提到的「轉化式教練模式」是適用於共事的人成為彼此間的教練。「夥伴教練」(collegial coaching) 一詞意指:「真正在組織內部一起工作的人們,也就是工作夥伴。」




***購買《What’s Your Question?》按此:英文精裝版

Questions have the power to inspire new possibilities in our daily lives. But most of us struggle and spend lots of time thinking about good questions to ask in different contexts. What’s Your Question? is the solution. With 630 questions divided into 90 different categories, you will definitely find a suitable one to ask that will help you launch meaningful conversations or trigger more and better questions. For example, Courage — What is the worst thing that could happen? Patience — How can we slow down to move faster? Reframing — What could the other person be thinking? Getting Unstuck — What is preventing us from moving forward? Treat this book as a handy resource when you are required to ask a variety of questions to challenge yourself, help others to reflect, empower your team, and develop breakthrough ideas.